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Once Upon A Time In The… East… Continued – Can The BRICS+ Dethrone The US Empire?

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Belt and Road Initiative, BRIICS+++, Costa Rico, Eurasia, Zone B Financial/Security Initiatives | 0 comments

The Summit begins today in Johannesburg, and given the fact that there are some 120 nations interested in climbing aboard, I would say the answer is a very resounding YES!

Amarynth’s Global South blog located in LatAm’s Costa Rica covers the BRICS+ subject more comprehensively than any other site on the planet.

Because Kiwis are treated like mushrooms (IOW kept in the dark and fed a diet of shite), Farsebook has blocked the sharing of this important information. You can go direct with this link……/can-brics-dethrone-us-empire

Or just go to and you will find it there under the title “Can The BRICS+ Dethrone the US Empire”.

This particular link is an amazing tour de force conducted by Pepe Escobar, the most experienced Geo-political commentator on the planet – he covers BRIC+ and all of its inter-related components:

SCO – the Shanghai Cooperative Organisation (2001)

BRI – the Belt and Road Initiative (2013)

NDB – the Development Bank (2014)

EEU – The Eurasian Economic Union (2015)

If you want to be brought up to date on the mind-blowing global significance of this development then invest around 40 minutes in this interview – it explains the new global economic and security paradigm that is at the very heart of an emerging multipolar and de-dollarised global reality.


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