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Congrats To Liz Gunn And Robbo For Standing Up And Being Counted

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Bioweapons, Covid, Featured, Jabs, New Zealand | 1 comment

And what a profound tragedy that the NZ rugby hierarchy took such an appalling and gutless stance, and in doing so potentially severely compromised the long-term health status of at least a couple of generations of rugby players.

I assume that during the height of the jab program for the higher-echelon players, it would have been arranged so that they received only saline or placebos, otherwise, the carnage would have been far greater than what we have witnessed to date. 

We know for a fact now that some batches were up to 4000x more toxic than others, and that the worst ones if injected into the bloodstream could cause death before the hapeless recipients even made it back to their cars. 

The most bizarre thing of all was that the inoculators were instructed to not even aspirate the syringe as this is a simple check to make sure the load is not taken directly into the bloodstream. 

Our immune systems were never designed to cope with a pathogen like this that was introduced directly into the bloodstream where it could be transported to every organ in the body within a few minutes. No immune system could cope with an assault of this nature when it came to the most toxic batches. 

With these batches, deaths were almost guaranteed to occur for a small percentage of unlucky recipients. Others died within 7 days but were deemed to be unvaccinated and not reported as “vaccine” deaths as another method of covering up the true extent of the carnage. 

The worst cases seen around the world were where a small percentage of recipients basically fell dead off the needle from massive anaphylactic shock. 

As the true extent of the damage emerges for the rest of society that was not so lucky, this corporate con job will be revealed as the greatest crime in our species’ history. 

It will be shown that non-compliance by all sporting bodies would have been a prudent action, along with perhaps even the suspension of the entire sport until this country’s authorities had regained a small degree of common sense and honesty. 

This so-called pandemic was all about a hybrid bug that would have been no more life-threatening than the common cold if we had only been allowed access to simple readily available and proven prophylactics and treatments such as Ivermectin, HCQ, and Vits D and C. 

The corollary with these treatments being shown to be already available would have been that the authorities would never have been able to gain permission to deploy these poisons on our population under emergency use authority.

Locally we had instances of complete idiocy where a marina even denied the unjabbed access to their own boats. The potential legal implications of their action could reach far into the future as this was a complete violation of the boat owners’ most fundamental human rights. 

The fact that these mandates were supported and even enthusiastically applauded/promoted by the officials of these marinas and sports bodies, will disgust me for the remainder of my life.


Watch the FreeNZ interview with Robbo below:

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J Cleary
J Cleary
3 months ago

Great interview!

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